First examination

Welcome in SABIONE & DI BELLA DENTISTI ASSOCIATI. We are happy to have you on our web site and to show you our experience.

You who have not been visited by your dentist for long, because you had other priorities; you who really want an important change in your smile, or a second opinion, or you want to follow a friend’s advice and trust in us: here is our welcome.

We are happy to meet you in our clinic to know you personally and pay attention to your needs, your desires and your wishes, in order to offer you the best solution to get the smile that will restore your selfconfidece.



If you have noticed any change in your mouth in the last period, like:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Bad breath
  • Dental sensitivity
  • You have lost some teeth and eat with difficulty
  • Misfitting teeth
  • Breaking or broking
  • Teeth turning yellow
  • Trouble when chewing
  • Twisted teeth
  • Dark or ugly teeth

we advise you not to underestimate these signals, because they could be a warning light for a problem in your mouth that could have serious consequences.

Entering the Clinic

In this first step you will be received in the clinic, we will monitor your temperature, you will wear the protective sanitary footwear and disinfect your hands, you will receive the database record modules for us to know you at the best.

Preliminary Interview

The human relation with our patients is one of main characteristics of our clinic and for this reason we want to know you personally and speak with you about your clinic situation. During our meeting we want to understand what brought you to our clinic, what your past experiences are, and what you are looking for.

During your first visit you can relax while looking at the landscape images on our screen. We will listen to you and will be very attentive to your needs.

Specialist’s and Instrumental Visit

At this moment you will meet Matteo Di Bella or Cristian Sabione, the Doctors who founded the Dental Clinic Sabione & Di Bella Dentisti Associati, who are responsible for the first adult visits in the clinic. I this phase you will undergo a complete visit of your buccal cavity, an objective examination of your mouth, of your teeth and of your gums. All your teeth will be examined one by one.

X-ray will be taken of your mouth to verify the presence of infections or caries.

Sometimes high resolution pictures and a 3-D print of your mouth by an intra-mouth scanner will be made, to obtain most detailed information. We offer you the most updated diagnostic techniques available on the market.

For those who want aesthetic interventions, it will be possible, already during the first visit, if necessary and required, to pre-view the resulting smile.

Many patients, at the end of the first visit, refer that they “have never had a dental visit as complete as ours”. It is just the complete diagnosis and our attention to particular aspects that allow us to offer the most suitable and patient’s tailored solutions.

Therapy plan and economic proposal

After the visit the doctor will sum up the result of your first visit and will propose you the programmed therapeutic plan. Our secretary will explain you in a clear and transparent way how the appointments will take place, the economic value of the treatment course and the 3 possible ways of payment.

Price 79 euros – With online payment easy price at 40 euros.

The price of the visit will be deducted from the estimate of a possible cure plan.

Write us on WhattsApp number 3756250464 or call our clinic for more information at number 0110464049.