If you lost your teeth and you want to start smiling and chewing serenely again, the dental implant is the best choice that allows you to have fixed teeth in very short times.

You could be restrained by the doubt of how much this type of treatment will cost to you.

Everyone has his/her own characteristics and the rehabilitation technique can be very different from one patient to the other, thus it is always necessary to undergo an in-depth examination to get an economic evaluation of one’s course of treatment.

If you are considering the prices of implantology in Turin, contact the front desk of “Sabione & Di Bella Dentisti Associati” for an estimate.

Our clinic, thanks to the most modern techniques and to a team constantly keeping itself abrest of technical developments, offers a professional service for dental implants, thus becoming an excellence in Turin and in the world.

Dental implantology with missing or reduced bone

Titanium implants are being used in dentistry since many years to give back fix teeth to patients who have lost some or all teeth. Lately implantology has reached very high levels of predicatbility and safety, besides assuring patients comfort, quickness and total absence of pain, thus making it the adopted therapy to solve every type of edentulous.

What is an implant?

The implant is a new screw-shaped root inserted in the bone by a light surgical operation, to repalce a lost tooth or as a support to screw or anchor more complex prothesis, that replace a part or the whole of a dental arch. There are implants of several shapes, legths and diameters: thanks to the new three-dimensional cone beam radiography made in our structure, we can immediately test bone quantity, position and dimentions of implants, delicate structures to be avoided. Thus the expense estimate is accurate and will not change, the operation is rapid and painless, everything is planned in details in advance.

Who can undergo implantology?

The only persons who cannot undergo this type of rehabilitation are children and teenagers, because the implants can be used only when the development process of the maxillary bones has been completed.

The modern techniques allow to give back a fix and aesthetically optimal set of teeth to all adult patients, including those who have developed serious bone atrophy or have age limits.

During the visit, the dentist carries out a careful evaluation of the patient’s general health condition; this could require the prescription of diagnostic tests and specialistic advice. Actually the modern implantology allows to operate on patients who have serious systemic pathologies such as diabetics, heavy cardiopaths, or those who take biphosphonate, following the specific protocols.

It is then necessary to carry out specific radiologic examinations to allow a three-dimensional bone volume evaluation.


Immediate arch load

The new technologies allow to carry out in one sitting extration of the non-recoverable teeth and insertion of titanium implants on which the fix teeth will be screwed the same day or one day later.

The All-on-4 technique, for instance, allows to rehabilitate a whole dental arch in a permanent and immediate way using only four implants: this reduces the post-operation discomforts and at the same time gives back a fix and aesthetically excellent dental arch to almost all patients.

The immediate load is also used in the front sectors to replace a single tooth or small tooth groups, for the patient to be able to smile and speak serenely even during the recovery period and it is almost always possible. Many patients, at the end of the first visit, say they “have never undergone such a complete dental visit”. It is just the complete diagnosis and the attention to details that allow us to offer our patients the most suitable and tailored solutions.

Bone grafts

In the few cases where the patient does not have the bone quantity necessary to immediately insert and load the implants, bone grafts can be used, that in a few months recover the required bone volumes, or zygomatic implants.

Bone grafts are made with synthetic or deproteinized materials of bovine origin. Nothing is taken from the patient, thanks to the new materials available, that since years now allow the best results in bone reconstruction and avoid any recovery problem in the sample site.

Anxiolysis or conscious sedation

In case of particularly complex and long operations, or for apprehensive and fearful patients, besides the normal local anesthesia an intravenous sedation could be carried out by an anesthesist: this allows the patient to completely get rid of anxiety and afford the longest operations with no trouble, with a very good post-operation course, thus eliminating any trouble prior to, during and after any operation.


First of all we say that there is no rejection for implants, as they are made of titanium, that is biocompatible.

The international literature agrees in admitting a persistence percentage at 5 years, which is about 97% for a single implant. This means that the implant has no problem and is properly operating in the 97% of cases.

In the 3% of cases an infection of the implant or of the bone graft can occur which causes its loss as it does not stock to the bone. It is important to point up that an implant rejection cannot be compared to an organ rejection, as some patients fear: if an implant does not integrate and does not stock to the bone, it is painless ejected. Then, after a few months for implant site to recover, a new implant is inserted.

If the patient follows the post-intervention instructions and the drug protocols, the failure is almost zero.

Today we can say that the prothesic success in implant rehabilitations in our center is obtained in 100% of cases.

As a conclusion, fixed teeth can now be given back to every patient.


The new techniques allow to insert a number of implants lower respect to the past and to reduce the number of sittings required to complete prosthetic rehabilitations. This reduces the complex implant rehabilitation costs respect to the past. Implantology is a branch of dentistry that uses a very complex technology, covered by very strict quality standards: for this reason beware of too low quotations, if you look for an accettable quality. A specialist’s estimate is anyway indispensable to plan a correct therapy schedule and evaluate its costs. Call 0110464049 to make an appointment with our centre.