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Treatment of cavities but above all prevention.


We treat tooth pain with an emergency service, we are always available but we also carry out expert renovations of old root canal treatments and incongruous root canals, giving the treated teeth a long-lasting future.

Dental Prothesis

We replace lost or missing teeth with materials of the highest quality and with an excellent and natural aesthetic result, which characterizes us and allows us to compare ourselves and teach our colleagues from all over the world.
Education and motivation for oral hygiene, reminders and control of hard and soft oral tissues.

Pediatric Dentistry

We specialize in the care of children who need to be monitored from the early years of life. The doctor creates a relationship of trust with the child and educates him on oral hygiene, also checking the health of the mouth in the soft and hard tissues, in order to prevent the onset of any pathologies. If necessary, specific intraoral radiographs are performed

Oral Surgery

We are a reference center in Italy for all types of complex extractions, such as extractions of completely impacted wisdom teeth, for pre-implant bone reconstructions in cases of severe bone loss following trauma or dental pathologies, maxillary sinus lifts, GBR verticals, bone grafts, up to the treatment of all soft and hard tissue pathologies.

Dental Implantology

We are experts in the positioning of immediate loading implants, entire circular arches or with the all-on-four and all-on-six protocol, we can resolve any case of missing teeth even in long-term edentulous patients with the insertion of guaranteed fixed teeth.
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We treat all pathologies of the gums and the bone that supports the teeth, such as in the case of gingival inflammation (when the gums bleed), both with targeted therapies such as root planing and with possible laser therapy. We also take care of the treatment in cases of gingival recession with mucogingival grafts which allow the reconstruction of the missing pink part

Soft Dental Care

The Guided Biofilm Therapy technique (GBT protocol) is a completely new way of doing what was once called scaling. In our office you will find a new patented machine and a specific technique with a revolutionary effectiveness that allows you to have extreme cleaning and excellent gum and dental health in a totally painless way. The protocol is innovative, the machinery is exclusive and our hygienists are certified and competent.
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Dental Veneers

We are experts in dental veneers that correct the shape and color of the teeth and in all conservative and minimally invasive therapies that allow you to smile confidently and naturally, with therapies tailored to the needs of each of our patients.
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Orthodontics with aligners

l team Sabione & Di Bella Dentisti Associati è esperto e altamente competitivo nel campo dell’allineamento dei denti grazie all’utilizzo degli allineatori trasparenti. Una tecnica molto apprezzata dagli adulti che consente un perfetto allineamento dei denti in modo invisibile, con grande attenzione all’aspetto funzionale. Lo Studio è, inoltre, un punto di riferimento per i bambini che devono mettere gli apparecchi ortodontici tradizionali e nella risoluzione dei problemi di occlusione (anche i piu complessi) grazie all’ausilio di apparecchi fissi.
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We deal with the diagnosis and treatment of craniomandibular disorders and the temporomandibular joint with dedicated instruments.

Sleep Medicine

We are able to diagnose sleep pathologies and indicate the most suitable therapy IN PARTICULAR OSAS: obstructive sleep apnea syndrome.


Present in the studio, in addition to the classic intraoral x-rays, are the orthopantomography to have an overview of the mouth and regularly monitor all possible pathologies of the oral cavity and the 3D cone beam, a very important diagnostic tool which, thanks to the volumetric reconstructions of the jaws, allows us to carry out all the necessary operations with maximum precision planning (if the need is highlighted by the dentist it is prescribed during the visit). It is also possible to perform 3D simulation of the positioning of the implants.

Somna Swedish Blanket Anxiety Relief

For children and fearful patients we use a brand new and revolutionary technique, the Swedish relaxing blanket SOMNA, a new Scandinavian patent that has just arrived in Italy but already used all over the world for its tranquilizing properties thanks to the special material and total absence of side effects.

Conscious sedation

For dental phobics or longer and more complex operations we use an anesthetist who, with a pharmacological protocol approved by the Piedmont Region, allows you to sleep for the necessary time.

Lips Filler

We are experts in hyaluronic acid fillers, an aesthetic medicine treatment that helps harmonize and correct lip asymmetries. It can be performed in a few minutes, obtaining a natural result that lasts over time.

Cosmetic Surgery

We deal with facial cosmetic surgery, correcting and improving the appearance, reducing or sometimes completely eliminating facial imperfections. We are experts in fillers, rhinoplasty, facelifts and everything that includes facial aesthetics. The face is the most exposed part of the body, therefore the one most subject to judgement. Good work allows you to increase self-confidence, obtaining a real psychological benefit for the patient.